Salford Research Publication Completion Workshop

Research Publication Completion workshop: bring a draft, take home a paper for publication
Delivered remotely by Professor Brenda Cooper (from Cape Town, South Africa)
Facilitated by Vera Barron, Research development manager, Salford University
Friday 3rd July and 17th July 2015 10am – 12 (noon)
Four groups of three will then each agree on a time to Skype with Brenda to discuss their papers after the 3rd July and before the workshop on the 17th July.
More about this workshop:
The University is hosting an online, peer support-based, developmental workshop for research colleagues at all stages of their career. All researchers who are currently working on a paper are invited to attend.  By the end of the workshop miniseries, it is expected that participants will leave with a paper that is ready for publication.
During the course, led by external consultant Professor Brenda Cooper, participants will explore the nature of producing knowledge in different research fields and present their papers to the group for feedback.
There will also be dedicated time off line, to revise the abstracts of the paper in light of discussions and to share these revisions.
A follow-up discussion and feedback sessions with Professor Cooper will take place via SKYPE with each participant and their peer mentor.
Places at this workshop are limited to 12, as these sessions represent a genuine cost to the University, therefore please book as early as possible and ensure that you will be able to attend both the online sessions and take part in the peer support.

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